New Construction Process <more project options>

Following are a sequence of pictures and descriptions of what you can expect during the construction process. Your pool build typically takes 6-9 weeks depending on the complexity of the pool and the weather.

Step 1

The initial layout of the pool is done. At this time we can see the orientation of the pool as it interacts with it's surroundings.

Step 2

Forms are placed and excavation is done. Structural steel reinforcement is installed along with the rough plumbing and lighting.

Step 3

The shell of the pool is sprayed and shaped into place.

Step 4

At this point, the shell is complete, the coping and tile are installed. The deck is layed out and formed, plumbing is completed to the equipment location.

Step 5

The deck is poured and finished, equipment is installed and the pool is cleaned and prepped for plastering. At that point the pool is complete - just add water.